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This week we teach you a few new shower moves, vote to castrate pocket cutters and bry guy drops a GoPro in Miss Emm's bucket. For the break we check in on  " This is the End " and get down with the great ZZ Top's Balinese.  Hope you dig it and don't forget to tell a friend.   


This week Miss Emm gets us into ball dusting, we get a visit from the great beyond and the return of the News.  So enjoy and don't forget to share it with a friend. 

Break : The Onion ( www.onion.com ) Music by The who ( The Seeker )  

Hold on to your ass cheek's and grab some tissues Miss Emm is back.  This week we welcome the newest member of our NYS Fam,  Bry Guy clips the potato salad, a visit from the Stoner Psychic and we calibrate our toilets for some poop displacement.  So we hope you sick little puppies enjoy and tell a friend.  

Music. Ozzy : Hell Raiser 

Welcome back friends and enemies. This week Nick pitches a new block buster to the folks at Disney and we finds out Bry Guy wipes standing up. So sit back relax and enjoy.

Otis Redding : Nobodys fault but mine 

Welcome back my friends to the show that often ends. This week Nick and Bry Guy fly solo, talk some strip club shop and expose cherries for the slutty fruit they are. So kick back and enjoy

Music provided by 
Five man electrical band 
Song: Signs 

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