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Welcome back friends and enemies. This week Nick pitches a new block buster to the folks at Disney and we finds out Bry Guy wipes standing up. So sit back relax and enjoy.

Otis Redding : Nobodys fault but mine 
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Welcome back my friends to the show that often ends. This week Nick and Bry Guy fly solo, talk some strip club shop and expose cherries for the slutty fruit they are. So kick back and enjoy

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Five man electrical band 
Song: Signs 
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This week Miss Emm is MIA, Bry guy try's to perform oral on a christmas tree and we get visit from the great north east.  So enjoy and keep the emails coming. 

Music: Bruce Springsteen - Merry Christmas baby 
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Welcome back everybody.  This week Bry guys dad joins the mile why club, Nicks new yoga moves draw some email heat and Miss Emm considers bleaching the back door.  So enjoy the honesty and have a great Thanksgiving.  Please leave a review on itunes so we can spread the word 

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This week Itunes thinks we went too far, Bry Guy finally caves on trimming the cave and we achieve silence nirvana.  

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